Private Island Getaways

thG5EEW3RCA few months every year, usually during the summer months, I have the privilege of enjoying my family’s private island all to myself. Do not get excited it is not that great of a place it is not as if we have staff, help, or anything. It is just a little old shack with running water and indoor plumbing. Nothing too fancy. However, whenever I am able to get away and enjoy it I feel like the queen of England must feel. Only better! I do not have subjects or responsibilities. It is great.

Even though our private island is not anything luxury there are many options that are super plush. Costing around twenty five hundred a night, you can rent an island out complete with staff and all the luxuries of a high-end hotel. They really are just what you see in the movies, when they are showing someone on a tropical vacation. Better because it is just you and your guest. No strangers, other than the staff I suppose. Whatever happens on the island stays on the island.

This type of resort or vacation are ones either that you can own or rent for your own purposes. This type normally does not come with staff, just like renting a vacation home without anyone else to deal with. Great if you have a large family retreat. The other type of Private Island available for rent are those that are more or less a resort. One that will only accommodate you and your guest. More likely you and a handful of other guests.

Either way it still a small and discreet getaway that is something that you will remember a lifetime. Something that you will want to return to each passing year.

According to a variety of traveling sites, this type of vacationing has grown over the years. Within two years, it has grown at least thirty percent. Folks just like to get away and return to a more quiet and simple type of living. Even if you are like me and have to stay in a small three bedroom, one story, house it is so worth it. Waking up to the gentle breeze, cooled by the sprays of the ocean. The clean smell of marine life and salt. Falling asleep outside under a trillion starts. With the sounds of the waves lulling you off to sleep. Eating fresh seafood right off the surf, or picking a multitude of tropical fruits.

Yes, rather you are living in a resort style accommodations or just a shack on the beach it is marvelous.

Next time you plan a vacation consider renting an island or staying on a private resort island if you like to have the comfort of other people without having to lose your privacy. With the increase in popularity over the years, more and more options have become available. There are many more options available to a person for all kinds of budgets. Do not think just a Caribbean island, this world has islands all over the globe so you do not have to limit yourself to just the Caribbean.

I for one love the private island life. I love the solitude, the freedom, and how relax and chilled I become in a matter of days. It is nice to unplug and get away. You really must try it; I promise you will never look back after you experience the private island life.

New Air Filters New Life

th7QSH66ELSneezing, itchy watery eyes, and the dreadful red and running nose. All symptoms of an allergy sensitivity. Many of us deal with it by using pills, sprays, and home remedies. Let tell you as a person that have allergies they are not fun whatsoever. It seem that every time the weather changes I have a flare up. This year in particular was very hard for me to get through. I do not know about the rest of the world but I was a mess. My eyes are tearing up and itching just thinking about it.

Whenever a person allergies flares up they never think to consider to third home’s furnace. Sneezing and itchy eyes seem very much so unrelated to HVAC. Nevertheless, in fact they go hand in hand. A clean and efficient heating and cooling system can harm or help anyone with allergies. Take it from me.

Your HVAC unit operates by taking in the air in your home and passing it of the coils inside the system and either heating or cooling it. Then it emits it throughout the home through the ductwork. If you have an efficient system, it will have an air filtering systems that will trap all those nasty things that seem to float around in the air.

That means bacteria, pet dander, plant and mold spores, and dust pollen become trap and are unable to contaminate and pollute the air you and your family must breathe. However that is only when the filter are routinely changed. Ensuring that the filter is clean and unclog. However, those filters that are filthy and super clog will not run efficiently and it will just blow gross and dangerous microscopic pollutants throughout the air.

Many people do not realize how important it is to have a clean air filters in your HVAC system. It is crucial to keeping your financing running smoothly, reducing the energy cost, and purifying the air you breathe. It is recommended that the filter be check at least one time ever month. Whenever you see that, it is dirty, quickly take it out and replace it with a brand new filter. Allow your system to work for you and not against you. It will aid in making your home healthier and free of allergens.

If after reading this you are still unsure on how to change the filter or when to change it then do not hesitate to contact a local heating, ventilation and cooling technician. They will help you and your furnace so that your large investment is running at its very best.

As someone that have to deal with allergies every year. I decided to try this out for myself. As I made my way to my basement with a new filter in hand. After reading through my furnace manual, I found out where the filter is supposed to go and check out the one that is in there. I assume that I would need a new one because I am sure that it has not been change since it was install last year. THEREFORE, I was able to maneuver the old one out of position. Let me tell you it was gross. In addition, completely clogged I am sure.

After replacing it with a new one it seems that my furnace get instantly warmer. I am unsure if that was just in my mind or an actual thing but my family and I noticed an immediate difference.

Do not be like me a wait a year to change your furnace’s filter it will make a complete difference in your life. In addition, in your home, trust me I know.

Planting Tips

Tree add character and balance to any landscape. If properly position. There are a few things that one must consider when planting a tree on your property. There are so much to consider. When I decided to add a few apples trees onto my property, I consulted with Wichita Tree Service. They were able to offer me some great suggestions and advice about planting a tree. What to look out for, what to consider, how to achieve the perfect locations for each tree. Now I am going share this wisdom with the masses, I am sure that I am not the only one stumped about tree planting position. Especially for a first timer.

thWBR6BA55Whenever and wherever you decide to plant a new tree or trees always consider utility.

Do not plant too close those gray or green utility boxes that maybe scattered around your property? These are crucial for you and your neighbors’ electricity. In addition, I would hate to hear someone was electrocuted trying to add a little something green to your yard.  It is recommended that any structures or trees in this case be planted at least eight feet away from the side that has the little door and at least two feet from the other three sides. If there is an outage in your area, do not make it hard for the utility workers to access the box. Otherwise, you may run the risk of being out of power longer than necessary.

Watch out for those wires

Unless you like living in a house without power keep all tree and branches away from power lines, in particular those lines that run from the utility pole to your home. If there are already, some trees or branches that interfere with the lines consider having the trees removed or the branches trimmed. Do not expect your electrical company, city, or township to do this for you. Many of us think that they will, myself included, when in fact that is something of the past. Of recent most utility companies and municipality, expect the home or property owner to have a professional, such as Wichita Falls Tree Service, come out and take care of it. It is best not to plant any new type of interference.

Property lines, property lines

How many times have people been brought to court of a dispute of property and who takes care of what tree. Make sure to have a surveyor measure your property line. Better safe than sorry. Just remember although when you plant the tree or trees it may be small and not that impeding it will grow into a big beautiful tree. To avoid possible conflict and dispute with your neighbors or those that may inherit your home later on, make sure to stay within the lines of your property.

The next time you decide to add a little extra greenery by way of a tree then consider these points. Better yet do what I do and call a professional. By having an experienced tree service company plant the tree or trees for you, they will already know what to look out for. The best location, not just for electrical issues or property disputes; they will also know what position will be best for your young sapling to receive the best light and nutrients in order for it to flourish. As well as have a plethora of knowledge of which tree thrive better for your climate and ground type.

All in all take pride in planting your tree; you will be installing a legacy that will be here for years to come. Fingers crossed.

Date Night Makeover



After being married for so many years, it seems that date night consists of the same routine. Get somewhat dress up, this means no t-shirt and sweats pants, then dinner and a movie. It never fails, same restaurant different movie, but the same theater. I do not think I can go the rest of our lives, if we are lucky, doing the same thing each time. I am bored already with it. What is worst I do not even; as if going to the movies very much it is just that we have not put any effort into anything else?

This weekend will be different. I will research and suggest something different, fun, and hopefully active. I plan to compile a list and we can choose from that.

If you like, I are in a rut then here are some great possibilities for a great date night with your significant other. Do not get stuck in a rut. Every week try something new.

Take a Painting Class

There are many places that have painting classes, some even offer couple classes. You choose a canvas design and create a masterpiece. The instructor is there to help guide your paintbrush so that your painting is beautiful and unique. I love this date idea. Its hands on, something different and you have a token, the painting, to remind each of you of the great you had painting together. It is perfect.

Take a City Tour

Get online and look for a city tour guide. In my city, there are all sorts of tours for viewing the city in a different light. In addition, you may discover something that you did not even knew existed right under your nose. In the summer, we have Segway tours, bike tours, and carriage ride tours. There is also a tour you can try where a cabbie takes you on a tour of the city as she sees it. Complete with commentary, meet, and greets.

Check out what is available in your locality. You might just find your home away from home.

Go on a Nature Walk or Hike

Anytime I have a chance to get back to nature, is something that I love to do. Living in the city, I am not always able to smell the fresh air. Walking hand in hand in the woods on a trail, or making our own trails sounds so romantic. Maybe even, doing some bird watching and discovering different plant species. Then end it with a picnic in the grass next to a lake. I think this date will happen this weekend.

Try attending a Murder Mystery

If you are lucky, your area may have a place where you can enjoy a dinner and a show. No, I am not talking about the movies theater but an actual live play. In particular a murder mystery. While dining you and the audience participate in the show. Completely engrossed and included. Something exciting, unexpected, and for many, myself included, it will take you out of your comfort zone. It seems that every time we experience something that takes us out of our own levels of comfort it brings us together. I always feel like we draw closer.


I love date night, but I am no in love in what it has become. It has started to feel more like an obligation rather than a day of relaxation and love inspiring. Do not fall into a rut doing the same boring thing each week. Try something new and different. There are so many different things to do and see. Movies are great and all but I prefer hands on activates. Go online or ask around. Check things out in your neighborhood or even the town over.

Tree Line Noise Reduction, Myth?

thQX9XAC9JMany people are under the impression that planning a tree line or shrubs will help reduce if not cancel noise from a neighbor, school’s stadium, or to reduce your own noise pollution. A close friend of mine was advised by this person working at the local tree nursery to do just that. Plant a bunch of trees around the perimeter of his property line and his neighbor will not be able to hear the happenings of his home nor he theirs. Sounded great to my friend, so he purchased a gang of trees and arrange to have them delivered and planted by the gardener and his cousins.

A few weeks after that gardener and his cousins planted a whole lot of trees. So many that it took them four and a half days to complete. That is working with a crew of six people working twelve hours straight. There did not seem to be any different in the noise than before he had all of those trees planted. Everything going on in his neighborhood he could hear just as he could before. My friend called me over for a second opinion. As much as it seem to make sense that the trees would work as such, it was not true. His yard sounded the same as usual. I could hear the laughter of the Chasm twins, the grind of the Harrison’s weed whacker. I could hear everything. No, noise cancellation, not even a muffle. Angrily he called Huntsville Tree Service for a consultation.   As soon as they were able, two people came over within the hour. The knowledgably men of Huntsville Tree Service, told us that we were right there was no change in the noise and we shouldn’t expect it to change

Trees are great for a numerous reason, energy reduction, shade, air purification; the list goes on and on. However if you are considering planting a tree line in the understanding that it will cancel the noises from around your home and community then you will be sadly mistaken. Just ask one of the employees  at Huntsville Tree Service, I did. One of the great people over there told me that that is more of a myth than a fact. Something that uneducated novice gardeners tell people to have them buy trees from their nursery.

If you are trying to cancel the noises from outside do not, I repeat do not believe the hype. A tree line is great for creating privacy by acting like a fence for the property owner and all the other previous mention benefits of having trees near but that is it. Many tree nursery workers and possible a few tree service business may tell you different but the science just is not there.   According to the Environmental and Land Preservation Agency, this theory has never been proven. In fact, they do not do anything in regards to notice reduction or cancelling.   Their presence does not affect the noise in the positive or a negative.

When deciding to invest your money in a big venture it doesn’t matter if you are planting trees, removing one, or installing a wall always consult a professional. Anytime I want to add, remove, or alter the trees on my property I choose Huntsville Tree Service consulting services every time.

Lesson Learned: Turning Negatives into Positives

Every family has some type of skeleton in their closets. Some deep, dark and hidden incident or time that is better left forgotten and unspoken. Sometimes it may be someone has or had an addiction problem, gambling, anything that may cause shame to the family name. My family is not any different. My younger brother was arrested when he was a teenager. Thankfully, it was his first and only arrest. However, it has haunted him and my parents for years. My younger brother is a genius, a certified one in fact, with great promise. Since he was five years old, he wanted to attend Harvard University and later join the FBI as an agent. I have no idea where he got this dream in his head.

He was on the right path. Maintaining a 4.3 grade point average, student athlete, student government president, even starred in our school’s musical. He had it all. He is multitalented, handsome, popular, and smart tremendously. His senior year in high school he was at a party that was raided by the police. He along with most of the senior class was arrested and charged with a variety of crimes. From possession, underage consumption of alcohol, to attempt to distribute. Many of his classmates’ parents paid the fines and quickly picked them up from the police department.

My family is a proud family. My parents have said since we were young enough to understand. That if any one of us were to be arrested, for something foolish, and then they will not help us get out of it. No paying of fines, tickets, or lawyers. For myself and my other siblings this was never a problem we were all good kids and later members of society. Therefore, it was never tested in my household.

My brother is the only one of his classmate that had to stay in jail for the weekend until he could see the judge that following Monday. He later told me it was the greatest lesson in his life. Until that moment, he felt like that, there was nothing he could do wrong, as if he was invincible.   True arrogance. In the matter of a mere weekend, he learned a hard lesson about being humble and making mature decisions in his life.

The judge recognize him from the newspapers and gave him a warning and probation for six months. He made a deal with my brother that if he kept his nose clean within those six months his record will be expunged. It will be as if that day never happened. Ever so grateful my brother fully agreed and did exactly what he promised the judge.

While he was in jail, my brother met a few different people. After learning their stories, he made a decision now that he will go to law school and become a criminal defense attorney. That life lone dream of becoming a FBI agent was replaced. Good thing too, because he is one the greatest criminal defense attorney in the country.

Now he is lobbying for different programs to reduce the amount of people currently incarcerated in our prison systems. He and his colleagues believe that there are many people serving prison sentences that do not deserve to be there. On the other hand, at the very least are underserving of the amount of time they are expected to serve. Although the United States is one of the richest and powerful, countries compared to our peers around the globe, we incarcerate much more than any other nation. In particular those from minority backgrounds.

Just like that, he took our family’s blackest moment and turned it into a positive. The catalyst that changed his career path and life path. However, this is still something that as a family we do not discuss. Which I think is crazy because he is such a better man because of that one poor choice.

That is essentially what I am trying to do with this whole blogging thing, I want to become self-employed doing what I love best, which is blogging and if I can make a living off that I will be happy as peanuts, so its important for me to keep putting in the reps and learn from the real pros when it comes to blogging, some of the resources that’s helped me tremendously and continue to learn a lot from is Planet Web Security


if you would like to share how you turn a negative in your life into a positive click here to be taken to my contact page!


Its Time to Feed Them the Good Stuff

Many people are paying attention to their food and food source. Recently there have been many news article and television reports have brthL7AGD6ZBought to general public knowledge the harms of Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs, high fructose corn syrup, artificial al dyes and flavors, and add chemicals. Confirming what the health conscious population have been aware of for years. These things are not safe for consumption. Many of these “ingredients” have been linked to early onset puberty in young girls, higher rates of infertility in men and women, obesity, diabetes, the list goes on and on.

But what about our furry friends? How do these ingredients affect them? How many folks out there have changed their diets with this new knowledge but still feed their pet’s one of the many chemical laden, artificial foods. Without realizing it, the many beloved pets are being fed their illnesses and disease. For anyone not wanting to continue slowing killing their pets there are alternatives. Healthy foods is not just for those creatures walking on two legs.


For those pet owners concern about their pet’s diet one option DIY, do it yourself. That is right, it is not necessary to go to a pet store or super store and pick up a bag of food. Of course, this is more convenient but what is the cost of that convenience? A beloved pet’s life and well-being? Many recipes and diet plans can be made specific to the type of pet and any health conditions he or she may have. There are even videos. All of which will include the real food items to include in their diet in order to have a healthy animal. There is an abundant of information available online and in books.   This does not just include mealtime but snacks, treats, and drinks.


For many whipping up multiple meals, one for a beloved pet or pets and another for the family may be a bit much for most. Buying the food is so much easier and quicker than making it. As is with anything. For those busy people that need the convenience of buying pet food or the poor thing will not eat, there are brands that can be brought in store or online. However, it is going to cost. It is sad to say this but animal food is a business, a very lucrative business at that. Just like with anything else the more dollars spent the better quality. Many less expensive brands is full of cheap products. These cheap ingredients weakens the immune system and because more problems that will cost more in the end than if a few more dollars are added.


Food is a vital part of life. Without it, there is no life. Just as the harms are announced for the everyday person, it should also be mention that the same dangers of consumption of unnatural and fabricated, synthetic food for people also remains the same for animals. Unlike people who have the ability to decide what to put in their months these pets are at the mercy of their owners. If the owners do not choose to make healthy decisions for their animals then what chance do they have?